Custom Homes by CRJ Construction

CRJ Construction’s custom home building process will put you on the path to your dream home. Let us take the stress off of you during what can be a stressful situation. Put your home plans in the hands of someone who cares.

1. Consultation:

During this process, we will meet to discuss the expected outcome for the scope of the project. We will discuss the work needed as well as the estimated costs for the job.

2. Planning:

The planning process with CRJ Construction will make your dream home become a reality. This stage of the process we will discuss plans as well as sign the documents needed for us to construct your home. You will also meet with contractors to discuss brands of material and finalize all of the plans and selections then we will proceed with construction.

3. Construction:

CRJ will begin construction on your home. This period of the process will see our most trusted contractors turn your plans for a house into a home. Daily inspections from supervisors hand-picked and trusted by Chad himself. We will be on call for any questions or concerns you have during this time.

4. Final Walk and Finishing Touches:

The last and most important step will be a final walk-through with Chad while he shows you all the best parts of your dream home. Completing the final touches to ensure the home is exactly what you imagined. All that's left after the final walkthrough is for you to move in and have your happy ever after in your new dream home.